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Thomas R. Hutson

Mr. Hutson spent thirty-seven years working for the Department of State as a high ranking diplomat. Before leaving the State Department, he was stationed across the globe in a number of capacities, and was Consul General in Moscow, Belgrade, Tashkent and Winnipeg.


  • President and CEO, CONSULTIMATE, LLC, and CONSULTIMATE International, Inc., Present;
  • Diplomatic Associate, Value-Added Agriculture, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, Present;
  • Diplomatic Associate, Center for Afghanistan Studies, University of Nebraska, Omaha, Nebraska, Present;
  • Senior Management Analyst, Development Associates, INC., to evaluate Junior Achievement Russia, for USAID in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Angarak and Vladivostok, 2004;
  • S. Department of State Representative at the U.K Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) at Mazar-e-Sharif, for the five northern provinces of Afghanistan, 2003-2004;
  • Acting Consul, U.S. Embassy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 2003;
  • Consular Officer at U.S Embassies, Dhaka and Kinshasa and Consulates General, Milan, Lagos and Guangzhou, 2001-2002;
  • Short Term Observer, OSCE/ODIHR Mission to Local Elections in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 2000;
  • Established CONSULTIMATE, LLC, Worldwide Consulting for Peace, Prosperity and Justice. Polling Supervisor, Local Elections, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2000;
  • Short-Term Observer, OSCE/ODIHR Mission to State Duma Elections in Russia. Retired from the Foreign Service. 1999;
  • Head of office, Office of the High Representative, Tuzla, Northeast Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1998-1999;
  • Head of U.S. Embassy Office in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, 1998;
  • Deputy to Special Representative of the President and Secretary of State for Economic Reconstruction, U.S. Embassy Sarajevo, 1997-1998;
  • Supervisor of Elections, Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Western Slavonia and Eastern Slavonia, Republic of Croatia, 1997;
  • Deputy Director, Regional Center of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1996-1997;
  • Deputy Head of Border Monitoring Mission, International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1995;
  • Charge d’affaires ad interim, U.S. Embassy, Grenada, 1994-1995;
  • Acting Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy, Bridgetown, Barbados, 1993-1994;
  • Counselor for Political and Economic Affairs, U.S. Embassy, Bridgetown, Barbados, 1993-1995;
  • Deputy Principal Officer, ITS. Embassy, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 1992-1993;
  • Science Attache, U.S. Embassy, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1990-1992;
  • Chief of Travel Services (Consul General), American Institute in Taiwan, Taipei, 1987-1990;
  • Chinese Mandarin Language Studies at Foreign Service Institute,Washington, D.C and Chinese Language and Area Studies School, American Institute in Taiwan, Taipei, 1985-1987;
  • Regional Consular Officer for West Africa (Sierra Leone, Niger, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroun, Benin, and Nigeria), U.S.Embassy, Lagos, Nigeria, 1983-1985;
  • President, CONSULTLMATE, Inc., Washington, D.C., 1980-1983;
  • Executive Director, The American Council of Young Political Leaders, Washington, D.C., 1982-1983;
  • Vice President, INTERMAT International Materials Management Engineering, Houston, Texas, 1981-1982;
  • Consul General and First Secretary, U.S. Embassy, Moscow, U.S.S.R., 1978-1980;
  • Consul General, U.S. Consulate General, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1976-1978;
  • Program Officer for Bulgaria, Romania and Yugoslavia, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Department of State, Washington, D.C., 1975-1976;
  • Special Assistant to the Under secretary of State for Political Affairs, Washington, D.C., 1975;
  • Consul and First Secretary, U.S. Embassy, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1972-1975;
  • Serbo-Croatian Language Training, Foreign Service Institute, Washington, D.C., 1971-1972;
  • Special Assistant to Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II, U.S Embassy, 1970-1971;
  • Vice Consul, U.S. Embassy, Tehran, Iran, 1968-1970;
  • Entry to Foreign Service and Training at Foreign Service Institute, Washington, D.C., 1967-1968;
  • Chief, Office of Logistics, U.S. Army Intelligence School, Ft. Holabird, Maryland, 1966-1967;
  • Intelligence Officer, 467th Intelligence Detachment and G2, U.S. Army Alaska, Ft. Richardson, Alaska, 1964-1966;
  • Russian Language Training, Defense Language Institute, Presidio of Monterey, California, 1963
  • Infantry Officer and Combat Intelligence Officer Training, Ft. Benning, Georgia and Ft. Holabird, Maryland, 1962-1963.


  • University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, Bachelor of Arts, International Affairs, 1962;
  • Red Cloud High School, Red Cloud, Nebraska, High School Diploma, 1957.

Languages Spoken

  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Croatian
  • Bosnian
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Farsi (Persian)
  • French


  • Delta Upsilon Fraternity,
  • Diplomatic and Consular Officers Retired Club,
  • International Ethical Alliance,
  • Monarchist League,
  • The American Council of Young Political Leaders,
  • Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial and Educational Foundation,
  • American Foreign Service Association.