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Welcome to “The Other Side”. On this show, your host George R. Willy asks prominent, important, and infamous people to walk with him to the other side of their comfort zone.  He takes a prosecutor into the mind of a criminal, an atheist into the mind of a religious man, even a capitalist into the mind of a socialist. Unlike other shows where people are brought in with different opinions, Mr. Willy asks his guests to walk over to the opposing side. Join George Willy every alternate Saturday on Kube TV, local channel 57.

The Other Side featuring Dr. Robert Robbins
Featuring Dr. Robert C. Robbins, the President and CEO of the Texas Medical Center in Houston which remains the largest medical center on the planet - performing more heart surgeries than anywhere else in the world. Aired 08-17-2016
The Other Side featuring Amr Hamzawy
Featuring Amr Hamzawy, a prominent Egyptian political scientist, human rights activist and public intellectual. He is a member of the Egyptian Parliament, a founding member of Freedom Egypt Party and a former research director at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Beirut. Aired 06-25-2016
The Other Side featuring Somini Sengupta
Featuring Somini Sengupta, the 2004 George Polk Award winning journalist and an ex-foreign correspondent, who is serving as the United Nations bureau chief for the New York Times. Aired 06-11-2016
The Other Side featuring Layli Miller-Muro
Featuring Layli Miller-Muro, American attorney, activist, founder and Executive Director of Tahirih Justice Center, a national non-profit dedicated to protecting women from human rights abuses. Aired 05-28-2016
The Other Side featuring Rabbi Firestone and Imam Rauf - Part 2
The last episode presented on The Other Side, the 1st half of our interview featuring Imam Feisal Rauf and Rabi Reuven Firestone. In this episode we are pleased to present the rest of that interview.
The Other Side featuring Rabbi Firestone and Imam Rauf - Part 1
Rabi Reuven Firestone is both Rabbi and renowned Islamic scholar. He is considered to be one of the most erudite scholars on Islam. A professor of medieval Jewish and Islamic studies at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and senior fellow at USC’s Center for Religion and Civic Culture, Firestone’s interfaith work is not focused on reaching political common ground but on understanding shared religious experiences. Imam Feisal Rauf, was the Imam of Masjid Al Farah in New York for 25 years and even after 9/11 taught by example that Islam is indeed a religion of peace stands among the best intellectuals in Islam, even penning a book titled “Children of Abraham”, an introduction to Judaism for Muslims, an introduction to Islam for Jews. When two intellectuals of towering presence discuss the differences, the difference disappear as their spades dig with unerring precision to reveal that the people of the book are indeed the children of Abraham.
The Other Side featuring Peter Beard
Peter Beard is the Senior Vice President of Regional Workforce Development at the Greater Houston Partnership. Peter has a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Davidson College, North Carolina and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the College of Law at Syracuse University. He seems to have been baptized by fire as he wound his way through the worldwide arm of the United Way, the Fannie Mae Foundation in DC, and as the General Counsel at Habitat for Humanity International in America. The Greater Houston Partnership is undoubtedly the most powerful trade organization in Houston and perhaps without parallel in Texas. Aired 04-02-2016
The Other Side featuring Deborah Cannon
Deborah M. Cannon is the President & CEO of the Houston Zoo, Inc. Ms. Cannon is an accomplished executive who has led businesses in the public and private, for profit and non-profit sectors as well. She started her career in banking where she developed her expertise in credit and risk assessment, developing her talent and leading teams to accomplish extraordinary things. She has served on the Boards of 16 high profile, non profit organizations as well as on the Boards of 3 Banks, including as an outside director for 1 private REIT company where she chaired the compensation committee. She has been a member of board finance, governance and marketing committees and has chaired both the Boards, finance and governance committees. Aired 03-19-2016
The Other Side featuring Sunil Thakkar
Featuring Sunil Thakkar, a Houston-based comedian and radio-show host. Sunil is the host of a wildly popular Radio show in Houston called 'Masala Radio'. He is a radio host, a well known comedian who has appeared both in India and the U.S. on several TV shows. He also wrote and acted in a successful movie filmed right here in Houston and continues to be Mr. Entertainment in the Houston South Asian community. Aired 02-20-2016