The E-1 Visa, also known as the Treaty Trader Visa, is designed for foreign nationals who are citizens of countries with a qualifying trade treaty with the United States. This visa allows individuals to engage in substantial trade between their home country and the United States. Here are the key points about the E-1 Visa:

  1. Treaty Country Eligibility: To qualify for the E-1 Visa, an individual must be a citizen of a country that has a qualifying trade treaty with the United States. These treaties are in place to promote and facilitate international trade.
  2. Substantial Trade Requirement: Applicants must demonstrate that there is substantial and continuous trade between their home country and the United States. This trade can involve the exchange of goods, services, technology, or other commodities. No fixed dollar amount defines “substantial trade,” but it should be a significant and ongoing business activity.
  3. Principal Trader or Employee: E-1 Visas can be issued to the principal trader, who is typically an owner or a high-level employee responsible for the trade activities, or to employees with essential roles in the trading company.
  4. No Fixed Limit on Stay: E-1 Visa holders are typically granted a visa for up to two years initially, but there is no fixed limit on the total period of stay. Extensions can be granted as long as the substantial trade continues.
  5. Spouse and Children: The spouse and unmarried children (under 21 years of age) of E-1 Visa holders can also obtain E-1 dependent visas to accompany or join the principal visa holder in the United States.
  6. Trade Must Be Principal Source of Income: The trade between the treaty country and the United States should be the principal source of income for the E-1 Visa applicant or their employer.

The E-1 Visa is intended for individuals engaged in substantial trade between their home country and the United States. It offers a pathway for treaty traders and essential employees to conduct business in the U.S. and is designed to promote and foster international trade relationships.

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